Silver Menu Finger Buffet

Fine Selection of sandwich platters
(Choice of Three fillings)
Tuna Mayonnaise
Egg Mayonnaise
Smoked Salmon
Prawn Mayonnaise
Ham & Mustard Pickle
Cheese & Pickle

Vol- au- vent selection
(Choice of Three fillings)
Tuna Mayonnaise
Chicken & Mushroom
Egg Mayonnaise
Smoked Salmon
Cream Cheese
Cheese & Onion

Fine Finger Buffet Selection
Cocktail Sausage Rolls
Cocktail Sausages
Scotch Eggs
Various Homemade quiche Slices
Various Chicken Nibbles
Chicken Drumsticks / Pieces
Pizza Slices
Continental Pate
Continental Cheese Selection with Biscuits
Granary and white French bread and Dinner rolls
Crisp snacks & Dips
Mixed salads (Choice of Three):-
Coleslaw Salad / Potato Salad / Italian Pasta Salad / Green Salad

Selection of  Home made sweets
Home made Chocolate Fudge slab cake (20 Portions)
Strawberry Gateaux
Fresh pouring cream

Selection of Fresh Cream Cakes

Vegetarian options available on request.


We can offer this menu at £10.95 per head